Ready for Out of Town Visitors- Get Your House or Office Noticeably Clean!

Ready for Out of Town Visitors- Get Your House or Office Noticeably Clean!

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Expecting out of town guests? Need to clean your house or office quickly at the same time effectively?

If yes, then here are some helpful tips to making your home or commercial property looking clean and well-maintained.

First, you might want to call the professionals for the following:

  • Make sure your HVAC has had a recent checkup, to ensure your guests will stay cool.
  • Are stains on your upholstery bothering you? Professionally cleaned furniture is vibrant; welcoming your guests to stay awhile.
  • Do you have tile and grout repairs you've been putting off? Visitors will notice. Depending on how serious the tile repair is, schedule a repair a few weeks before your guests arrive. (It might take just 1 day to repair or 3 to 4 days)

Second, a deep cleaning of high traffic areas is a MUST before visitors arrive.

  • It's so impressive to see carpets professionally cleaned in high traffic areas like entryways and hallways that get a lot of foot or paw traffic.
  • If your grout in your title floor is discolored due to the debris collecting then, call me for an assessment.

Third, focus on high-touch surfaces.

  • Clean doorknobs, faceplates, and light switches, toilets, tubs, and bathroom sinks.
  • Wipe off visible pet hair from couch and pillows.
  • Be on the look out for dust bunnies. Sweep steps, patio and outdoor walkways.

Keep those three areas in mind when getting ready for out of town guests. Also, feel free to contact me with questions, call 480.710.4110 or email

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