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Elite WILL UP hold your upholstery to ensure the best protection and care!

We remove loose debris, pre-treat spots and soils. We then agitate to loosen the soils and oils, rinsing clean & protecting if desired. Typically dry in an hour or 2.

1. Our preparation delivers effective results. As we inspect the furniture to be cleaned we note all trouble areas and may ask a few pertinent questions to determine stain compositions. We take this information into account as we pick the cleaning solutions that would result in the best results for your particular staining or type of leather. We eradicate loose soil, crumbs, pet hair and mystery particles as needed before we apply your furniture’s own custom cleaning solution.

2. Next we begin our cleaning method. We inject and work in our deeply sanitizing foam into your furniture-literally covering it in a substance similar in appearance to shaving cream. This cleansing foam instantly attracts the two elements dirty furniture contains: soil and soil attractants. The soil alone isn’t our main concern.


It’s the sticky arms of body oil and second-hand cooking, as well as old sugar-containing spill residue that really cause otherwise loose soil particles to tightly cling to highly-used areas on your furniture. These sticky soil attractants are what really makes the persistent darkening dirty spots you see growing in size on your furniture. ( In addition to gummy atmospheric pollutants that have settled into your furniture, such as automobile fumes from outside) After our foam has collected this jungle of filth, we whisk it right out of your furniture by hand with towels until no more soil is transferred.


3. Next, we hand-clean stubborn stains. Most stains will be gone by this point, but usually there are some that remain and so need extra attention. In response, we will treat each of these by hand on an individual basis. We have extensive stain composition knowledge of leather furniture cleaning. In other words, we size up tricky stains and pick battle gear with a skillful eye. (The leather chair below is reflective of cleaning done by hand) After we use these skills to reawaken persistent stains to moist open states and then clean them.


4. Extra-soiled areas receive special attention. Likewise, very heavily soiled areas will also be specially double-treated at this point. We use a cleaning brush specialized for use on leather to get into its tiny crevasses. In this way, we reach and remove deeply embedded soil, dust, atmospheric pollutants, etc. These elements are harmful because they dry out the leather and remove its natural oils. We remove the resulting loose soil with white towels.

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Reviews & Testimonials

Feedback from our clients

We genuinely care about each and every client. Our commitment to customer service is reflected in the many positive online reviews we've earned. Read what our clients are saying about their experience with us at their home or business.

"We had a terrible pet urine smell in several rooms of our house. Both major nationwide carpet cleaning companies came and failed to remove the smell. Justin and his crew came and completely removed the smell. If you need this kind of work done, don't waste your money on the national advertisers. Call Justin."
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Tony L.
Gilbert, Arizona
"Justin did a tremendous job cleaning our carpet and tile.  The care he took prior to cleaning "manicuring" our carpet via scissors and cleaner made our carpets look brand new when he was finished.  Our tile grout has returned to a color we've never seen since buying our home.  It has been a joy to walk around our home the morning after the cleaning.  I will strongly recommend him to my friends and strongly urge those who find him on the web to give him a call."
Jamie K.
Phoenix, Arizona
"Two new dogs and a new urine problem to go with it.  I called Justin at Elite Floor and he came over & worked so hard and got our carpet and a chair all fixed up again.  Thank you Justin.  You do great work!  Phew."
Susan M.
Mesa, Arizona
"Justin returned to do a different room. He saved us so much money. I thought we would have no choice but to replace an animal stained carpet. But he proved us wrong.  He is professional and courteous and a pleasant person to have in the house. He didn't give up on the carpet although we had. He has many tricks for addressing complex problems. All environmentally sound."
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Eleanor C.
Tempe, Arizona
"Justin at Elite Floor is excellent and truly goes above and beyond, his attention to detail is impeccable. I have had Justin clean the carpets in my house, as well as my folk's carpets. He is happy to schedule appointments to do spot cleaning for pet related incidents and makes everything look new again. I recommend him wholeheartedly and without reservation."
O. Roth
Chandler, Arizona
"Justin came to my home today and did a spectacular job!  As a woman home alone I felt very comfortable with Justin in the house and my dogs just loved him.  He even had treats for the puppies.  I am super impressed with the job he did and I will certainly be using them again!"
Stephanie R.
Tempe, Arizona
"I sold my restaurant and as part of the contract I'm responsible for providing a space that passes all inspections to the new tenants.  Building inspector said I need to provide a kitchen floor that is "clean, washable, and free of any cracks or crevices."  I used Yelp to find several flooring professionals, and I explained that I wanted the floor cleaned, patched, and re-painted with the typical Garage Floor primer & paint.  But every company wanted to do some sort of extreme makeover with grinding the floor and then doing an epoxy coating to the tune of about $4,000-5,000!  Yikes!...  [Justin] power-washed and scraped off the old grease & paint.  He patched what was necessary.  He primed, and painted.  Job well done, and for 1,000 square feet I paid $1,500... not $4-5k.  He did what I asked him to do, and you know what, I think it looks great.  Thank you Justin!"
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Tony L.
Gilbert, Arizona
"Our floors at the intake room at our Thrift Shop hadn’t been touched in 3 years!  I was pretty sure the dark streaks wouldn’t come out. They worked nonstop and when they finished, the floor looked brand new,  I was so impressed and excited about the results, I couldn’t believe it!"
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Bonnie D.
"I have a rental property that has decent carpet but had a horrible smell.  Elite Floor & Furniture Cleaning came out and pre-treated the carpets then cleaned them.  I could tell the instant I walked back into the home the smell was gone and the carpets were cleaned.  
Thank you for saving me from replacing the carpets....Super Happy!!!"
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Carrie L.
Tempe, Arizona
"The company I work for left a water pump on and our office flooded. It was a lot of water and of course it started to smell. Justin came out promptly! He was very professional and he did an amazing job on the carpet. It looks brand new. If you are looking to get your carpets done he is your guy! Thank you so much for taking care of us! Will use you anytime we need our carpets done "
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Tk Mezz
Phoenix, Arizona
"I needed my carpets cleaned prior to a renter moving in.  I contacted Justin at Elite Floor & Furniture Cleaning and he responded immediately. He even had someone out the very next day.  The work was done quickly, professionally, and the carpets look great!  Excellent work!  Thanks for the great job and quick turnaround.  I will definitely be using you again."
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Rhett S.
Phoenix, Arizona

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