Show off Your Gorgeous Travertine- How to Care for Travertine

Show off Your Gorgeous Travertine- How to Care for Travertine

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If you ask me what I surfaces I like best, I'd have to say travertine. Travertine is one of the most popular stones used outside is because of how different each piece is from one another. Therefore, adding a natural beauty that complements the outside environment. At the same time, travertine brings the outdoor beauty inside your home. Since, it's formed by underground rivers that carry mineral elements, the multiple layers of smooth and hard stone explain why travertine is tough to maintain.

I like the challenge of cleaning travertine because no two travertine stones are alike. Therefore, the porous stone has a tendency to form pits or holes easily. Over the years, I have found what works best to fill in the pits and seal the grout to restore its natural color and beauty. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to seal travertine stone to prevent etching and permanent damage. So, if you plan on outdoor entertaining this holiday season, call about cleaning and sealing your travertine. 480-710-4110.

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