Professional Shower Cleaning Benefits

Professional Shower Cleaning Benefits

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Is A Professional Shower Restoration/Cleaning Necessary?

Answer- the most overused and neglected place in your home.

Question- What is my shower?

For the Jeopardy enthusiasts, you probably guessed right! But did you know the value of a shower restoration is not the same as surface cleaning? Shower restoration involves repairing hairline or serious cracks in the grout coupled with sealing the grout; this will prevent water from getting underneath your tiles so that water damage and mold accumulation does not occur.

Top 3 Benefits of a Professional Shower Restoration/Cleaning

1.Remove mold. This is health hazard; the development of black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) must be removed professionally due its toxic nature. Also, it is an indication of poor ventilation in the shower.
2.Get rid of hard water stains. It's Arizona, hard water stains are notorious in sinks and worse in showers. But what's going to delay the build up of hard water stains? The application of a sealant is an absolute must to prevent further hard water deposits.
3. Avoid hefty shower repair costs. First it starts with a gap in the grout or a cracked tile, then water seeps in over time. It pays to address these issues early on. The best way to ensure the life of your shower is to color seal the grout. It's a lot cheaper than new grout. Yes, it is. Plus, it will prevent stains because the sealant is non-porous and will binds cracks and chips in the grout making it easier to clean.

If you have particular questions about your shower, or want to schedule a shower restoration/cleaning, email or call/text 480.710/4110

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