Pet Accidents that Need Heavy Duty Cleaning….

Pet Accidents that Need Heavy Duty Cleaning….

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As much as you love them, sometimes cleaning up pet poop and urine require a heavy duty approach to getting your floors deeply clean.  Pet stains and odor are so very different compared to every day dirt and occasional messes.  The key is killing the bacteria of pet urine and feces.  Elite Floor and Furniture has removed pet odor and stains from many satisfied pet owners.  Most recently, Elite did an emergency pet odor and stain.  See the results in the pictures below.

Here are the steps we take to clean stains from pets:

1. Saturation of carpet and padding with urine stain and odor removal solution.
2. Sub-surface extraction (see fig. below)
3. Rinsing saturation of carpet and padding
4. Final sub-surface extraction to remove remaining odor and residue.
5. Deep needle injection of Hydrocide product into back side of padding to ensure all bacteria is eliminated.
6. Pre-treatment with bacteria killer and enzyme digester.
7. Sanitize and extraction with Hydrocide product. (Hydrocide will eliminate the odors caused by pet urine.)

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