Monsoon Season Prepared!

Monsoon Season Prepared!

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Arizonians know heat, thunder, lightning, and sporadic hard rains produces monsoon storms that could pose as a serious problem to our homes.

To get your home ready for the monsoon season, here are some tips:

Get Rid of Germs

Monsoon season is a favorable time for germs to breed. So, one of the easiest ways to get rid of germs is to disinfect your floors. If possible try to use a disinfectant with natural ingredients so it is safe for children and pets.

Tidy up the yard/garden

Your yard is exposed to a lot of additional dirt due to strong winds and rains. The storm makes the leaves fall and sometimes the weak branches even break making the yard dirtier. Hence it is important that you take care of your yard more often during this time.

Also, make sure you do not have containers in your yard that may accumulate rain water because it is a breeding ground for the mosquitoes and other germs.

Gutters and Downspouts

Take the time to clean your gutters now before the hard rains hit. Also, re-position your downspouts away from the house to the protect the foundation of your home. Avoid unnecessary water logging inside your home by maintaining an effective drainage system.


Waterproofing entry ways and flooring is a proactive way of protecting your home. Weather strips on doors and windows keeps the air-conditioning in and rain out.

Sealing your floors protects them from debris at the same time will help make your flooring water-resistant. Sealers are semi-permanent floor coatings that look and wear more like paints than like floor finishes. That means it requires a skilled worker to correctly apply sealant. The sealant will last longer than a finish. Feel free to send me an email at to ask about sealing floors.

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