It's 2021! Time for New Year Resolutions

It's 2021! Time for New Year Resolutions

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Is having a New Year’s resolution still a common practice? Does making a resolution in the beginning of the year, increase the success rate of the resolution, compared to any other time in the year? Well, a resolution to improve one’s life is a good no matter when, and if it has to be in January, then so be it. The challenge to a resolution is to not to breach the agreement, you made with yourself since there are no consequences! But there are consequences to neglecting your grout and tile.

So Let's Start with Your Grout and Tile

Since the pandemic, we find ourselves home more often; we're putting more wear and tear on our floors, especially bathrooms and kitchens. Professional tile and grout cleaning utilizes machinery designed to remove deeply embedded grime in the grout lines of your tiles. Unlike a mop that moves dirt around instead of actually removing the dirt.

Not all grout textures are the same, so figuring out what kind of grout you have is important to determine the appropriate cleaning solution. If a product is too acidic, it will wear down the grout, leaving the tiles vulnerable to chipping.

Hot water extraction/steam cleaning actually removes the dirt and grime that accumulates over time. It is possible to revitalize older tile with a thorough cleaning; a professional clean will result in a visibly deep clean without damaging the tile. An annual clean will give you more life on your tiles as well as protect it.

It's my job to know about the variances in tiles and what cleaning products are most effective. More importantly, I know which products can have adverse effects on different kinds of tiles. So, I've built a business on cleaning effectively and efficiently.

If you are someone who likes to DIY, it might be better to try Elite Floor and Furniture. I can save you the time of trying to figure out what cleaners are best for your floors and the aggravation renting floor cleaning equipment.

Elite Floor and Furniture Cleaning preserves the look and feel of newly cleaned floors with the application of sealers. Ask me about it on your next grout and tile cleaning.

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