Integrity in Every Job

Integrity in Every Job

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This past weekend, we cleaned Tumbleweed Recreational Center in Chandler, AZ.  The tough part of cleaning for commercial properties, like Tumbleweed Rec. Center is having to plan when we can come into clean when the facility is not in use.  So, we started the job in the evenings and ended very late to the AM.  My wife can attest to this; it puts a damper on family life.  However, I take to the challenge of working in this magnitude.


Commercial properties differ from residential in that there is a higher volume of traffic, thus more debris and dirt accumulate.  The most challenging part was to fix the improper cleaning done by the previous person who cleaned, the debris settled deep into the floors and we fixed it.  The problem solving skills I have acquired is knowing what is RIGHT chemical solution for the particular floor I am working with.  I saw that this floor needed to a solution that would uphold to aggressive use.  However, I had to safely clean the floors to maintain the luster of courts, which required more attention and a higher level of cleaning skill.  This is the knowledge I have gained after working with my hands over the years.


We all worked with our hands plus, killed our backs, knees and shoulders for 4 consecutive evenings to get these floors gleaming clean.  My crew had to take a few days off to allow their bodies to recover.   My back, neck, shoulders and my knees are screaming at me for the labor I put them through.  I saw how the previous cleaner found the fastest way to clean at the cost of recreational center and myself.  When I was a teenager working for my dad’s carpet cleaning company, he taught me how to clean all types of floors, most importantly, he taught me to think of the people we were cleaning for.  He said to do the job that would best serve the customer.  The bottom line was that my dad was teaching me about integrity. I thought about the families, kids, sports teams and seniors that would be on these courts.  I wanted to do this job with integrity.  No matter what kind of work is done, there is integrity behind every job!

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