Do You Have a Gripe with Grime in Your Grout?

Do You Have a Gripe with Grime in Your Grout?

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Say that seven times fast! Does your bathroom and kitchen tiles accumulate dirt in the grout rather quickly? Soap and mildews are what makes the bathroom tiles so dirty; however, in the kitchen food spills are the culprits.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before but regular maintenance on your tile and grout is the best way to keep bacteria and viruses at bay. The bathroom and kitchen are high touch areas that need to be deeply cleaned: especially for the people who have a predisposition to getting sick.

Grout cleaning is a tricky thing. I have learned from trial and error that there are very specific cleaning techniques that have to be done to get the best results. As you can see in the pictures above, there are preparatory steps that need to be taken before the actual deep clean.

Most people prefer the lighter colored grouts. When you initially get it installed, they look gorgeous! But that light color grout is a haven for dirt to collect and vulnerable to water damage. See the picture below. You can see the original color after the grout has been cleaned compared to the dirty grout.

The Bottom Line

Grout is the bottom line that people see who come into your home or business. Or maybe it’s just me. For example, my wife and I liked going to this restaurant because the food was amazing! But after a year, we stop going because the tile and grout was in poor condition and it seemed to get gradually worse. It made me wonder about the cleanliness of our food. If dirt resides for a long period of time on the grout lines, then they will settle into the grout lines degrading the look of the tile and grout.  I believe that’s what happened at that restaurant.

Here are some things to ask your professional cleaner when they clean your grout and tile.

  1. Ask if they use an acidic cleaner. If they do, ask them if they have an alternative cleaner because it will gradually deteriorate your grout.
  2. Ask if a high gloss tile sealer can be applied to protect your grout and tile.
  3. Ask that they vacuum the tile to remove soil particles from the grout.
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