Clean Floors; Less Likely to Get Sick

Clean Floors; Less Likely to Get Sick

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We all know something has been going around lately.  A new strain of a cold and flu virus will set you back a week or more.  Instead of taking stocking up on vitamins and cold/flu medicine, deeply clean your floors.  Even if your carpets appear clean, there are microbes and debris not visible to the human eye.  Here are some tips to stay healthy!

Carpet is home to mold, pet hair and dust


If you have pets, you might be spending more time on the floor to get closer to your furry family members.  Children are more apt to being on the floor and touching their hands to their mouths.  Thus, increasing the risk of getting sick.  Pet urine and feces is an welcoming environment for bacteria.  You’ll recognize the smell of ammonia that that it creates irritating your lungs.

For those who have cats and dogs that spend time inside and outside of the house, beware of fleas and ticks that can find their way onto your carpets and tile.  To get rid of the tiny parasites, intense heat and chemical treatment might be needed.

Mold and dust can do harm to increase inflammation in your lungs and buildup in your carpet.  This can easily trigger an allergic response once you have vacuumed because it spreads those irritants in the air.

If you are already sick, your body is working double time to combat a cold and the build up germs from your carpet.

*Use a HEPA filter when vacuuming and make sure to regularly change your vacuum bags.  During the cold/flu season is the time to schedule a carpet cleaning.  Help everyone and pets that enters your home to stay healthy.  It really pays to take preventive measures to not get sick!  For questions call 480.710.4110 or send me an email

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