Carpeting Cleaning is Chemistry Not Marketing

Carpeting Cleaning is Chemistry Not Marketing

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Last week, I had a customer call me with the following question.  “Can you tell us what you will be using to clean with; hot carbonated water and is it  extracted at the same time?  I want to avoid adding chemical products that may attract /hold dirt.”

Hmm…. sounds like the customer has heard from some really awesome marketers,  ZEROREZ.  Your local carpet cleaners might not have a full time marketing team advertising for them, but they do know the chemistry to remove dirt from your floors.  Simply put, when applying a cleaning agent to carpet, it is physically impossible to completely remove residue.  ZEROREZ® uses a product called “Primacide B fluid”. This product is either made by EAU Technologies (the creator of empowered water™) describes “the active ingredient in Primacide B is sodium hydroxide”.  However, sodium hydroxide, also known as Lye is found in many drain cleaners and oven cleaners, it is highly corrosive (in high concentrations) and will eventually turn into sodium carbonate when exposed to carbon dioxide in the air.  Thus, their statement of using non-toxic detergents and leaving no residue is false.  (To learn more go to Carpetguru10)

Marketing residue free carpets is something that ethical carpet cleaners DON’T DO! An experienced carpet cleaner knows that hot water extraction can rinse out as much residue as possible.  I know because I have used this method in over a thousand homes and commercial property.  An inexperienced carpet cleaner might over wet your carpet or leave a dangerously high PH balance in your carpets.  This might result in deterioration and discoloration.  Here are the steps I take.

Elite’s Thorough 12 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

1: Survey & Pre-inspection Point out areas you would like cleaned and get special attention.  We will give you an evaluation of expected results.

2: Prep & Pre-vacuuming   First, we raise the matted fibers in high use areas. Then our powerful commercial vacuum picks up roughly 79% of dry soil. This is vital to getting your carpet truly clean.

3: Moving of Furniture It is included in our regular pricing for sofas, chairs, and smaller items. If you would like heavier items to be moved such as beds & dressers, you will be quoted for the extra move.

4: Pre-conditioning A heated pre-conditioning agent is applied on all heavy traffic areas to help break down and suspend the soil and spots.

5: Pre-Spot Treatment Spots are identified and pre-treated with special solutions.

6: Agitation and Soil Suspension Specialty brushes/ tools are used to further loosen sticky soil and debris separating it from fiber surfaces.

7: Extraction Without over wetting your carpet, our   hot softened water extraction process releases and flushes soil away. (This is a necessary step to ensure soil removal and increase the life of your carpet.)

8: Rinse and Neutralize Your clean carpet will also be pH balanced afterwards so that there is no sticky residue left behind.

9: Post Spot If there are remaining spots or stains, we will reapply specialty solutions and rinse.

10: Final Grooming Most carpets must be groomed again to ensure your carpet dries the fastest and in the correct position.

11: Speed Drying Commercial fans expedite the drying process substantially, typically only 4-8 hours.

12: Post Cleaning Inspection & Briefing We will do a walk through with you to show you the cleaning results.  We’ll offer suggestions on how to maintain your healthy, soft & clean carpet.

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